Chrosziel Follow Focus 203

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Chrosziel Follow Focus 203

Chrosziel FF203 è un Follow Focus preciso e leggero con doppia manopola per canne da 15mm. 
Fornito con adattatore per canne da 19mm, speed crank e 2 bandelle bianche.


Chrosziel FF203 Dual Wheel Studio Follow Focus System

The Chrosziel 203-01 is a follow focus designed for film and video cameras. The unique system allows easy operation from both sides, making it highly accessible in a variety of situations. The follow focus makes critical focus pulling a breeze.

Markings on the focus wheel give about 110-140° of rotation on the lens, spreading the angle to the focus knob by a factor of two. Precision focus pulling cannot only be achieved with remarkable accuracy; it can also be recreated over and over with very little deviation from take to take. The kit comes with all necessary parts, including a removable hand wheel, focus level, and wheel scale.

Dual-Wheel Compatible
The 203-01 comes with a focus knob for both sides giving you the option of using one or one or two knobs . No matter what the environment, the camera lens will be fully accessible to the operator.

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