Chrosziel Magnum MN150


The MN-150 MagNum Extendable Wireless Lens Control System from Chrosziel combines a receiver and a handheld transmitter unit for remote control of focus and camera record start/stop. The single channel system operates at either the 2.4GHz or 430MHz frequency bands, offering five selectable channels in the 430 MHz band, and eleven channels in the 2.4GHz frequency band for interference-free operation. The receiver has ports that accept optional lens control cables, camera start/stop cables, and power cables. The system is compatible with optional motors with gears. An optional upgrade kit is available to convert the MN-150T single-channel transmitter to a MN-200T dual-channel transmitter, with expanded features such as remote iris control.


MagNum KIT 1-Channel, with Chrosziel Motor, for focus and camera record start/stop, 16 frequency channels, range of 2.4 GHz and 433 MHz. USB port, serial interface, BNC socket for cable or antenna, 4 hotkeys. * Extendable to 2nd channel * Compatible also for wired analogue zoom demands. Scope of delivery: MN-150T Transmitter (handunit) with large scale (201-041) and hand strap, MN-200R Receiver (motor controller), 2 FANT antennas, STR2 Neck Strap, MN-BAT Battery type FM50, MN-CH Charger, MN-AB D-Tap power cable, MN-RMB1 Bracket f. receiver, * CDM-100 Digital Chrosziel Motor, compl.* Manual, in hard case (MN-CASE)

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