Jimmy Jib


The Jimmy Jib Triangle is a camera crane with a remote control head, it can be rigged to various lengths, from 2 to 9 meter.

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These are under-slung heights below, for over-slung add 3 feet:

– Standard 6 foot reach 3 foot tail 10 foot height

– Standard Plus 9 foot reach 3 foot tail 13 foot height

– Giant 12 foot reach 3 foot tail 17 foot height

– Giant Plus 15 foot reach 6 foot tail 20 foot height

– Super 18 foot reach 6 foot tail 22.5 foot height

– Super Plus 24 foot reach 6 foot tail 27 foot height

– Extreme 30 foot reach 9 foot tail 32 foot height

– 40 foot 40 foot reach 9 foot tail 43 foot height

For 3 foot tails you need a 6 foot radius, for 6 foot, 9 foot and for 9 foot 12 foot radius.

So to swing the crane 180 degrees with a 9 foot tail requires 12X24 feet and 360 degrees a 24X24 foot space.

Please remember that the bigger the jib the less versatile. Bigger doesn’t always mean better.


Maximum camera weight is 50Lb, on all lengths except the 30 foot and 40 foot where it’s reduced to 25Lbs


The Jib takes about an hour to rig, for lengths up to 18 foot, and over 2 hours for the 40 foot. You may need to leave a little longer if the location is a way from the parking for the van.


On Location the Jib is mounted on a Tripod, this can be mounted on its rolling base, enabling the base to be moved between shots on smooth, firm and flat ground.

If you want the jib to be rigged on a slope “it can be done” but you will need to build a flat platform especially that will hold the weight of the jib.

I also have a studio pedestal rigged with hi hat for the jib. This can hold any length under 30ft but is best with anything up to 18ft.

The ped gives you a much wider scope in the studio environment and means that you can reach every corner of the studio with relative ease and speed.

The jib can also be mounted on track on the 4 wheel base.

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