Movietech 4×4 Dolly

120,00 Al Giorno

The MovieTech 4×4 Dolly is a agile, robust and lighweight Dolly with 2- and 4-wheel steering. The Steering can be switched easy and directly. The Dolly also has several mounting positions for turnstyle and seat arms on the platform.


  • Additional platform for 4×4 dolly
  • Giostrina (Turnstile) per Movietech 4×4
  • Seggiolino x dolly
  • Pan bar extension for dolly 4×4 Movietech (Manubrio)
  • Ruote gommate x dolly 4×4 Movietech

(Le foto comprendono accessori da noleggiare separatamente)


  • 2- and 4-wheel extensions
  • 30,7inch (78cm) width (Doorway dolly)
  • Steeringmode adjustable at the Pushbar
  • Pushbar can be mounted on both sides of the dolly platform
  • Steeringmode “Crab” can be set with additional part
  • 7 mounting positions for turnstile on platform
  • 9 mounting positions for seatarms on platform
  • Pushbar with extensions for track-pushing (Extensions adjustable in various angles)
  • Levelling legs (optional) for Jib- or Crane constructions
  • Addition platform


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