Dolly 360 Motion Plus

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The heart of the operating system of the Motion Control! A device which combines
electronics and long life storage batteries. The controller enhances the movements setting system for tracking shots, timelapse and manage the turntable, with a possibility to change speed, direction, rotation times, accelerations and slowing downs.


An important distinctive trait of ShooTools Dolly is that it can be easily changed into a motorized rotary table, with a 40 cm of diameter bearing plate, perfect for making 360°still life. In this setting too it is possible to decide both the rotation of the rotary plate and the stop motion move by using Controller One. The green cloth cover provided allows to make shots with the “green screen” technique.


The motion uses SMS (Shoot Move Shoot) Technology that allows to synchronize the track move with the Reflex shutter. This feature gives the possibility to use any exposure time, with no worry about blurry. The pause between a move and another can be set in a range from 1 second to 99 hours thanks to an intervalometer integrated into the controller.
Amazing precision:THE MINIMAL  SHIFT IS 0,01 MM.


Extremely precise and fluid tracking shots; opportunity to manage speed, direction, acceleration and slowing- down ramps.

Main features are:
• Allow circular e linear tracking
• Allow circular e linear TimeLapse
• Turn in Turntable for 360° Shots
• Solidity
• High movement fluidity
• Simplicity in use and in planning movements
• Total absence of maintenance
• Quickly motorization take over
• SHOOT – MOVE – SHOOT Technology

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